Travis L. Salisbury

Born Eugene, OR, Feb 7. 1980. Parents Jeffrey Salisbury And Janet Smyth (D. 2014) Divorced 1982. Grew Up As Trailer Trash In Coos Bay, OR. 36 Y.O. College Dropout, Racked With Arthritis, Minor Mental Disability, Never Married, Never Employed, Thought I'd Give A Stab At Copy Editing. Had Two Brief Stints Of Living In Yerington, NV, The First Of Which Was While The Original Author, Mother Janet, Was Away At A Hospital In Reno, NV, Being Devoured Like A Swarm Of Locusts By Stage IV Metastatic (Had To Look That Word Up) Ovarian Cancer, Only One Month After We Moved, Spotting Like A Cheetah, Shriveling Like A Raisin, Mewling Like A Goat, And Hissing Out The Infamous Cancer Death Rattle On December 03, 2014, Would You Like To Know More?