Dr. Leona Wilkins, is a retired healthcare professional who was escorted into ministry by the manifested presence and Hand of God in September 2001. After a critical meeting with her spiritual father, she began “The Process of Preparation.” The divine visitation and preparation process has left a true mark of change on her life. She has been maimed for the Body of Christ and the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus “The Christ” of Nazareth. During the preparation process, the Lord birthed her first book entitled ARRESTED, By The Hand Of God The Unmistakable Call! She is currently working to release another book, so stay tuned... After operating a professional private practice for nearly ten years and working BOTH corporately and independently for an additional seven years, she went into early retire to be about her “Father’s business.” After seven (7) years and (7) days, from her divine encounter, the voice of the Holy Spirit whispered “Commissioned” and on September 18, 2008 Dr. Wilkins Founded Greater Works Global Ministries. She is an ordained minister and has been released to go the masses to; minister, preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ; which she labels it “From the scalpel to the Sword” for short! In addition to being, an author, minister, preacher and teacher of the gospel, Dr. Wilkins is a founding member and a certified speaker, coach, trainer with the Les Brown Institute Ultimate Team. Dr. Wilkins is married to Frank Wilkins, an entrepreneur and the two currently reside in Queens, New York.