1 Brathwaite Enterise LLC

Mr. B is working toward accomplishing his goals as a writer that reaches the people through inspiration and empowerment. Mr. B currently works full-time with a non-profit organization that assist people in bettering their lives. Ms. B has always had her head in a book, educating herself in every aspect of life, as well as, technologically, so that she could sustain the knowledge that is needed in order to help others to make positive changes for a better future. Through Mr. B supervision and guidance he currently motivates men that have been released from incarceration, as well as, those that are rehabilitating from alcohol & drug use. Ms. B is very proud of the woman that she has become and feels that everything in life happens for a reason; meaning, that if it was not for her struggles, trials, and tribulations she would not be the well-spoken, strong, and educated woman that she is today. Ms. B has completed an Associates degree in Human Services from Metropolitan College of New York; as well as, a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design from American Intercontinental University. With the creative talents that Mr. B & Ms. B have been blessed with, they are seeking to empower, motivate, and positively influence not only the youth of America, but also the adults that have lost their way and purpose in life.