Pelican view

My name is Nath Ekanem and I am a marketing moron. Why do I say that? I have spent over $100,000 on every kind of marketing book, course, seminar, etc. that you can imagine. After spending that much money I have definitely learned a ton but the thing that makes me a moron is in the application of all I’ve learned. I spent two years learning but didn’t do nearly enough to follow through on what I learned. Sure I started a bunch of sites but never really tried to build something lasting. Plus I realized that I pretty much suck at marketing. I have worked for years as a digital media executive doing large projects for MTV, The Oxygen Network, World Poker Tour, and Dr. Phil. I did design and develop their online branding etc. It pays great and is mostly fun to do. But ultimately I was still an employee (though I do work from home). After a friend of mine died at the young age of 33, I had a wake up call. It was time to get off my ass and do something with all the knowledge I’ve gained. Now you can see how it all plays out here . I am already very successful on the Internet and generate seven figures a year from home. Starting this blog is my way to try to teach what I know and to further my learning and success. Stay tuned to see how the hell I do this stuff. I’ll teach you everything I know along the way.