Project Get My Life

Ishmiel is a motivational speaker from the Upstate New York area.

Ishmiel helps people all across the world by helping them get their lives together using her workbook, planning tools and other content created.

She has spent the last several years doing as much research and personal development as possible in order to have a better experience not only for herself but for others.

Ishmiel hopes to create a conversation that will provoke masses of people to change. When masses of people change, in Ishmiel's mind then there will be space for massive co-creation.

She is creating content to provide individuals keys to unlocking their inner greatness. Ishmiel knows that once everyone unlock their own and her greatness they will be able to see the inner greatness in others. And once we are no longer walking in willful ignorance of self and subject we can really begin the work necessary to create a better tomorrow.