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3 Popular Pussy licking Positions

If you want to know how to make your woman moan, scream and writhe in ecstasy, you’ve come to the right place!

Just remember to keep the same consistent movements with your mouth and tongue.

These positions are guaranteed to get any women in the mood and ready for sex!

However, as with all positions, your technique is just as important as the position itself.

That’s why we’ve provided plenty of helpful tips and tricks that will help you make your woman climax.

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1. The One Up

Also known as: The ‘Hamstring Stretch’ or the ‘Over Your Shoulder’.


She lies on the edge of the bed, you kneel on the floor and raise up one of her legs. Ask her to hold her leg up by wrapping her hands under her thigh. This position tilts her hips and puts her clitoris in the perfect position for cunnilingus. As you go down on her, she’ll be able to help add some movement and guide you to the perfect spot.


If your woman is very flexible and strong, she may be able to lift both legs. She can wriggle a little to help you get the right rhythm.


The is the best oral sex position if your woman is especially sensitive down one side of her clitoris.

If you aren’t confident about being able to hit the clitoris properly, this is the position for you. She can help guide your mouth and tongue into the perfect position.


Women who aren’t that strong may tire of holding their leg in this position after a while. They can always swap sides or rest their legs on your shoulders or back.

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2. The Trick or Treat

Also known as: The ‘Trick & Treat’.


She lies on her back and spreads her legs. Roll her back and place a pillow under her hips to tilt her pelvis upwards. Lie down with your head over her vagina and place her feet on your shoulders. Use the thumb and index finger of one of your hands to part her labia and then use your other thumb to coax the hood of skin over her clitoris upwards. This should help expose the clitoris and let you lick, suck and kiss her all the way to a blissful orgasm.


If your woman likes strong, upward stroking when you go down on her, this is the best position to fulfill her wishes.

This position is extremely comfortable for you to perform and it’s easy for her to guide you towards the right position.

Instead of constantly lapping away, you can place your tongue firmly over her vaginal entrance and have her grind against you for maximum stimulation.


As her feet will be resting on your shoulders, this position can feel painful after a while. Try resting her legs on your back.

It can be tough to support your weight on your elbows while placing your fingers inside her.

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3. The Face Sitter

Also known as: The ‘Hovering Butterfly’.


You lie down and she straddles you. You eat her out and she controls the pressure and direction by rising up or lowering herself down.


Instead of doing all the work yourself, try staying still and having her gyrate against your tongue and mouth. She can also reach back and stimulate your shaft with her hands.


This position gives her complete control over the pressure you apply to her clitoris and vagina.

The ‘Face Sitter’ is extremely comfortable for you and takes the guesswork out of hitting the perfect spot. If you aren’t confident going down on your woman, this is a great position to try.

She can easily rub her nipples or the top of her vulva as both of her hands remain free.


If you like being the dominant partner, you may feel constrained by with position.

Breathing can be tricky in this position, make sure you come up for air!


So few men are skilled at eating pussy, that even just reading a few pages of this book will literally put you in the top 1% of cunnilingus masters. Eating a woman’s pussy is one of the greatest sexual acts you can perform. It is at the same time intimate and incredibly sexual. You are literally making out with her pussy. At the same time that your head is buried between her thighs, you can feel the subtle convulsions of her body, her breath deepen and shorten and you can feel the arching of her back as she actually works with you to heighten her own arousal. If you do it right, the experience is intense, unforgettable and at times – explosive.

However, eating a woman’s pussy is not something that they ever taught you in school. It is, although, a skill that every man should have. This teaches you how to do it right. Now let’s gets down to eating pussy and chowing box.

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