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The Sushi Roll Sex Technique to Pleasing Her Pussy

This is one of my favorite techniques EVER! It works by getting her closer to orgasm while teasing her at the same time.

Many women use this technique to give themselves orgasms yet don’t tell men about it!

This will be your secret weapon, casanova! Imagine sliding your fingers down her panties. When you get between her legs you feel wetness, she’s juicy, turned on, and ready for you to work your magic. Knowing that this is the most sensitive part of her body, you want to treat it delicately.

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But if you go too delicately she’ll think you are teasing her, or worse, that you don’t know what you’re doing.

You probably know that the easiest way to make a woman climax is through stimulating her clitoris. But few men know that the clitoris is actually made up of three different parts, that all need to be stimulated differently.

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Camel Style Sex position

In fact few WOMEN even know this, which is what makes this move so special. This technique is called the Sushi Roll and you’ll see why I named it that in just a minute!The Sushi Roll works because it uses a unique finger technique to stimulate the shaft of the clitoris. This quickly brings her close to the edge of orgasm and it’s guaranteed to cement your sex god status.


In this book, I’m going to reveal to you, all the techniques and moves for fingering a pussy. You might wonder if that is even necessary. After all, you’ve got a penis – isn’t that enough to completely satisfy her in bed?

Just imagine…she’s dripping wet, bending her body and moaning, begging you to stop teasing her and start fucking her. She’s so turned on that she can’t even finish sentences. You’re in complete control and can bring her endless pleasure or take it away, just by a flick of your finger.

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