Christina Bacon/365Wholeness

"If we want to heal the world we must start by healing ourselves - body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit one story at a time." Christina Bacon Hi, my name is Christina Bacon. I am a Transformational Speaker and a Master Re-Storyteller. As a parent and a writer I know all too well the power that stories have in our lives. I believe that, storytelling, through re-story is a way of making sense of our lives and the world around us. It is the process we use in our mind to create an environment that will bring healing from trauma and past hurts. My goal is to use a combination of mindfulness, meditation, written word, journaling and the power of the narrative/story to help others come out from the shadows of their past, move into the present, and look forward to a more fulfilling future. If you want to change your life, you have to see and think differently. What is your story? I am not talking about where you grew up, who your parents were, or where you went to school, etc. I mean what is the narrative in your mind that you tell yourself about events that have happened in your life? What are the beliefs that create your story? What are you telling yourself the minute you wake up and throughout the rest of your day? These vital questions along with others, I believe, are the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. I believe the stories we tell ourselves are so important to the health of our minds; they ultimately have the potential of affecting our body, heart, soul, and spirit. How we interpret the past events in our lives, determines how we see the present and the future.