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718 Presents: Guide to Repairing Your Credit. Step by Step Do it Yourself Strategies


35% of What is Your Credit Score?


718's Tips for Climbing Out of Debt and Paying Off Credit Cards


Choosing the Best Business Entity


Be Prepared for Tax Time


Back to Basics: How to Establish Good Credit


Bulletproof Motivation


718 Spending Plan for Your Business Checklist


Tax Secrets the Self-Employed Should Know W/ Bonus Challenge!


About Me

After losing employment in 2018, entrepreneurship was always the end goal for more me. It came a bit earlier than I anticipated, so I began to get serious after completing my 2nd graduate degree. Tax Secrets for the Self-employed gives you basic ways to start planning your profitable business if you are looking to leave your 9 to 5. I started this 2nd business, 718 Tax & Financial Services just before the pandemic hit after taking one-year off to plan. If I can do it, so can you! We are driven by faith, family and educating people in finances. Feel free to contact us for a brief consultation.

-- Angelina J.

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