Tiwanda Lovelace

SWP, LLC has compiled a set of books which shed light on the darkest side of Big Business and the ‘System’ that profits. Licensing rights are available in your region for controversial publications expose major corruption, abuse of power, privacy violations, rape, bullying, etc. It is through these titles that Lovelace has an opportunity to shed light on the tactics that are used to deprive rights, manipulate events which are used to facilitate public support. These publications provide detailed proof of corruption and collusion. We are seeking regional partner(s) who are in a position to repackage and market these products effectively on a global scale. We are seeking to have each title professionally edited, translated and made available in every format. By offering to sell the licensing rights, we are able ensure that future generations across the globe will have a chance to recognize and utilize the information contained in these lifesaving publications to make well-informed decisions regarding their career path. We seek to establish relationships with domestic and international publishers that are interested in purchasing either domestic and/or international licensing rights. With your help we can reach global markets, complete and add video seminars, podcast and videos to our product line targeting the education of aspiring artist, writers and producers. We are seeking a partner(s) who will see the not only the financial value in supporting this business venture but also recognize the potential to positively impact the lives of many. Our Goal is to afford many others the opportunity to utilize our undeniably, unquestionable publications which clearly provides insight to the inner workings of a corrupt ‘machine’ designed to dehumanize and vilify for both, profit and revenge. When conducting business, it is more difficult to bully a group of investors than it is to bully a small publishing company. It would be more of a challenge for an entire industry to attempt to thwart multiple entities from pursuing their business interest through simultaneous or regional campaigns. Many writers and publishers share their experience and life story for the benefit of future generations. Imagine how many lives would be positively affected if given the opportunity to learn what to look for in their contracts or how many works should be submitted to their publisher... Our goal is to reach target audiences worldwide who would benefit from the valuable information, unlike any other in it class.