Friends and Family I am happy to deliver my thoughts to you in manuscript form. I try hard to use business sense without offending hopeful purchasers, But I'm hoping you guys join me in making a change.
Now all I have to do is use God's gift in a way that serves his people not just myself. I am gifted to write what is giving to my experience in this wonderful world of life. I fell and was fed by strangers. I want to do what others have done for me as best I know-how.
If you have a PayPal account just request whatever product you see or hear that interest you and download it instantly via Amazon,, Soundcloud, and other platforms across the industry. Dropshipping is available directly from private pages. Preferred Payment Methods: PayPal, Paychip, or Cash App.
I hope to connect with all of you to keep you updated on new and upcoming products.

J. E. Palmer (Alion Jay)