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Hi Dear Friend!

Decluttering might feel overwhelming. I understand before I was buying things just because it was on sale big mistake.

Moving into different houses from bigger to smaller left my senior parents all cluttered and since then I started to take decluttering and organizing our home.

Living simply is the main goal that my parents always insisted on us.

Definitely, so many problems surfaced and being busy at work, life and relationships.

Everything starts at home. Getting life organized and free your space from clutter helped me.

Decluttering has benefits to improve our daily living.

I’ve created products to simplify and finally take charge of your life for the better by decluttering, organizing, and simplifying things along with productivity and self-improvement.

Declutter on! and Declutter With Kindness

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Simplifying Schedule Workbook
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  • Want to manage your time well?
  • Do you forget important tasks being super busy with work and home?
  • Looking for a simple way to be organized?
  • Appointments and Contact Numbers list in one place?
  • Countless times have you tried to make your own schedule but failed?
  • Needing to reset your mind to sit down and look at your schedules but no time?
Simplifying Schedule Workbook is created to help you set your priorities set again. Making room for what matters best to you. Get your life back in control with being organized under your belt this time.

Product Details:
  • The Simplifying Schedule Workbook consists of 39 pages. With simple and minimalist design but elegant.
  • This is a PDF file which is an evergreen product you can print and put on your binder. Please do not share with others.
  • The Simplifying Schedule Workbook will be updated or added more information in the future when sees fit.
  • As for the nature of the product, we do not accept returns or refunds. All sales are final on workbooks.

I made this super simple so everyone can use it in their daily lives from independent women to busy moms. You will only need a few minutes to be able to plan your days using this workbook which is already worth your while. This is very simple and direct so you can start planning and doing it as soon as possible!

Note: This is an online digital product. No item will be arrived at your doorstep.
You will get a PDF (13MB) file

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FREE 3-Day Home Declutter Guide
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Declutter your home today easily and quickly!
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