TōJō ShadowHartt

Hey, Y'all My Names ToJo... “Come one, Come All, Come all Ye Curious Souls and gaze your eyes upon such a wonderment, as of myself!!” This a debriefing of myself so that everyone may better understand why my poems have begotten, and in doing so I shall entrap all those who read onward with the lament of who I am. For to know me ye must all know nd understand that I am nothing short of a complex simplistic living breathing walking oxymoron contradiction outcasted misfit who has lived and is living an imperfect perfected uncertain, profoundly prolific ever-changing enigmatic spellbinding Greek tragedy life in a paradoxical parallel paradise. Nd as far goes as what type of personality I have and what characteristics if of who I am, Welp I am a very peculiar and unique who is usually an outspoken blatantly, unfiltered, honestly sarcastically forthcoming opinionated long winded, sincere, respectful, benevolent, open-minded, patient, hyper-intelligent, chivalrous Phoenixlike relentlessly resilient old soul who’s yearning nd longing to be loved mutually and equally without bias judgment, ridicule, persecution, false intentions or unequal reciprocation of feelings without patronization from those interested in me. And I have served The USMC, As A Force Recon Scout Sniper A.K.A. A Devildog and I was involved, engaged and deployed during the last two decades of conflicts. I've endured horrific, anguishing, atrocities to which most would not of, should not and won't want to survived through or continue living whence forth with their lives but however I 'Marine up' and unabating endeavor onwards with living, just attempting to try and survive each hellish day. I am a reformed American; I'm proud of my country but I'm ashamed of my government.