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Celebrate moments

Gather your best video clips of your life and loved ones and turn them into a professional video.

Celebrate your loved ones

Dust off all those video files you’ve been collecting on your phone and whatsapp.

Get a professionally edited video instead that showcases the true highlights with on-screen annotations of places, events and people you will always want to remember.

Just select the best clips and get a pro video cut within 10 days. Sounds good? Then pick your theme below.

What people are saying

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Annemarie is a creative video wizardess.

— Jaclyn Junger

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Annemarie made the most of the footage I provided (which wasn’t always great!), understood what ‘feeling’ I wanted the video to have and was receptive to my feedback.

— Marius Iliescu

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Annemarie was very fast to produce a rough cut [...] and after one round of feedback she nailed it

— Nora Dunn

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Pick my brain 1:1 session (1 hour long)

How to shoot + look good in testimonials


Baby Boo - Video Voucher


Decade in Review - Video Voucher


Heritage Honouring - Video Voucher


Family Festivities - Video Voucher


Journey Journal - Travel Voucher


"Family Treasure Chest" - Deluxe Video Voucher


About Annemarie

I’m Annemarie! Video is my passion. It's my preferred way of seeing the world and sharing stories. Video can be whatever you want it to be, slow or fast, vibrant or monochrome, nostalgic or energetic.

Dust off all those video files you’ve been storing on your phone and sending on whatsapp. Get a professionally edited video. Annotate memories. Give highlights the attention they deserve. Proudly pass it around. 


You can capture your most precious moments through your camera, but to really relive these experiences as close as possible, a professional edit is the way to go.

Let me take your clips and make a stunning pro video for you.

Just pick a video topic that most resonates with you and we can get started.