I am a writer with an enthusiasm for straightforwardness.

I am a writer with a marvelous jargon (I have tried myself a few times) yet who intentionally utilizes just a small amount of the words he knows.

The explanation is that I compose, not for myself, however for my perusers.

I don't expect anything about their capacities to comprehend what I compose.

I wish to be certain that everybody who understands me, comprehends me directly in the primary perusing and nobody should want to connect for a word reference.

I like to compose short sentences. I like to scatter these short sentences.

The explanation is that I am mindful that numerous individuals are perusing me on little screens.

They read on their cell phones and tablets.

Composing like this improves clarity.

Other than I attempt to be a writer who needs to pass on what is in his brain to another mind utilizing the briefest way.

I have never looked to dazzle someone else with the degree of my insight or my language aptitudes.

Huge words are unthinkable. Pretentious articulations are forbidden.