How social interactions are harmed by technology?

Let’s start with the quotation of Albert Einstein

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

The generation of idiots is almost here. It cannot be denied that technology has played a vital role in eliminating the worldwide gap and how technology has replaced the face to face conversation with face-timing via smartphones. Today technology has brought the people more close to overseas friends than to the friends that are sitting next to them. This habit is developed in every age group people but mostly it affected the youth generation. Surprisingly, this is quite acceptable in today’s youngster’s world.

Today’s generation is so much obsessed with the technology that they are willingly turning their tech-obsession into an addiction.  Kids and youngsters are avoiding small talk by using smartphones. They use smartphones as a way to avoid small talks. There is a type of awkwardness in handling their situation which usually in people in flesh. 

According to many researcher’s belief that technology hampers in-person communication. Microsoft principal researcher Baym observed that digital communications enhance relationships. His research shows that the more people communicate with people using their devices the more likely they are able to communicate with those people face to face.

What Baym research said is not convincing. How about the people whom you have not met in your life? Talking to strangers offline would then become the terrifying thing, won’t it?  Because all of your life you are expressing your emotions through emoticons. Today real emotions have become an ancient thing. Life has become hectic and little comfort in the form of entertainment via technology is completely understood but revolving around the technology is not good.

The pros
The different region’s people all around the globe on the internet brings people closer. They all are sharing mutual interest which they may be they did not share offline with anyone. Technology has made easy for people to reach out to people on the other side of the world. The advantages of the technologies are countless. But most of these technology’s advantages hold no weight when it comes to face to face communication.

 Undoubtedly, technology has harmed human interaction to a great extent. The use of technology in front of elders and friends are considered to be disrespectful to them. The use of technology while conversing with others in person is unacceptable. Hence, misuse of any technology is unacceptable. Though it has provided us with plenty of ways of virtual social interactions, it also hampered the real social interaction between people.  

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