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Emily's Story

Before inheriting her aunt's house (and giant dog), Emily would've said nothing crazy ever happened in a small town. It takes being intentionally run off the road to realize just how wrong she's been.

If not for the kind--and dangerously sexy--good Samaritan who came to her aid, she wasn't sure what would've happened.

"Six-foot-two, dark wavy hair touching his broad shoulders, intense blue eyes that seem to pierce her soul, and a smile that could melt ice..."

What people are saying

Excellent story. Easy read. Loving pets!

— Kindle Customer

The author did her research about the major themes in the book and she penned a compelling believable story.

B.K. did a wonderful job with her characters, the suspense and creating a small-town feel. I am a dog lover so I appreciated this content.

— Blue Eyes

Thank you B.K Stubblefield, for a fun and exciting read! I was up very late last night finishing your terrific story, and by the end I was holding my breath waiting for the final outcome.

— Christine Chanel Dupre