B.A. Morris, Author

I grew up in Arizona with my head in the clouds and my feet firmly planted on the ground, which when you think about it is a pretty amazing feat. I wrote short stories from the time I was able to write, but I can’t claim they were worthy of publishing. I choose a career in technology and became a writer of technical training manuals for the novice to experience computer user, boring but I made it fun. I retired to write my first book that unbeknownst to me became a 5-part series. Dragons, Angels, Demons, the Devil and one woman caught up in the middle of it all as it heads to one foretold conclusion. And I thought it was a simple woman meets three dragons in her backyard story. Well, I love to write and telling stories, put them together and I have an adventure that builds quietly to an epic journey for everyone. I’m already planning more books and have one that is a modern day mystery, no dragons in that one. I’m an observer of life and people, they make the best stories when you simply watch quietly and fill in the blanks. Happy Reading!