Richard Davis

Richard Davis is a co-founder of Barkan Research. With multi-state criminal trial experience, Mr. Davis has first-hand knowledge regarding the complexity of the legal system. Once convicted, evidence demonstrates many defendants are required to rely on an overburdened public defense system, themselves or "Jailhouse Lawyers" to challenge a criminal conviction. Simultaneous to the conviction, many defendants also lose supporting family and friends with the resources to sustain effective representation or purchase comprehensive legal materials. Richard Davis wanted to provide access to general legal information at reasonable prices, leading to the inception of Barkan Research. Richard's first book, Arizona's Post-Conviction Relief (Rule 32) Simplified, was specifically written to assist defendants in Arizona to challenge their convictions through "Arizona's Rule 32" process. Richard's second book, The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations, is a categorical resource book for the accused and convicted in any court. The book provides legal citations to effectively challenge nearly every type of criminal conviction. The referenced case law citations benefit the accused to ensure all pre-trial Constitutional rights are preserved. If convicted, the referenced citations will assist to effectively challenge the conviction. This book will benefit anyone who may have a pending criminal trial or is a convicted defendant working to reverse a conviction.