Susana Sanchez

My one goal in life is to live for as long as possible so that I can see my two boys grow, see them have their own children, and live long enough to see my grandchildren's children. That's not much to ask is it? I believe in living a life of balance; keep the mind busy, spend lots of time with family and friends, and have good health well into old age. In order for me to have all this, I need to stay in good shape, by keeping myself active and making good food choices, treat my body with respect and to took take a realistic look at what my body is really trying to tell me. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was 28....and again at 31! My specialist informed me that I had a 50% chance of having Type II Diabetes by the age of 40! This was a warning sign of things not being right. I couldn't absorb what was happening. My body was failing me......or was it that all these years I was failing my body. I decided that day that I would make a life change and turn this all around, well prevention is better than a cure in all fairness. Wait.....there is no cure, so I will just have to settle with prevention. I was so determined....and I still am, in making damn sure that I stay fit and healthy for the rest of my life. I am 45 years old today and feel healthier than ever. I dropped 16kg, still enjoying the food I loved, but it wasn't without failures and yo-yo dieting, trying every fad diet there was, spending loads of money on misinformation, not to mention complete confusion on what was the best way to lose weight and eat right. After all these years, it finally clicked that my body was resisting because, well my body was confused. One day, I am eliminating carbs, next I am eating vegetarian and the next reducing calories to an all time low. What the hell was I doing! My book shows you a 'no bull' approach to how to lose stubborn weight, without starving, without fads and the misinformation that is plastered everywhere on the internet promising you will lose a ridiculous amount of weight in days. Not only is it all lies and made up crap, but people that really want or need help in losing weight, fall victim to these empty promises. Yeah, sure you might lose a great deal of weight on these so called diets....then when you get tired of eating like a rabbit, you pile the weight back on just as quick as you lost it. This book shows you to get real with yourself and take a leap of faith and trust in your own mind and body. It's about truth, and getting back to the reality of the situation and start with a clean slate.