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The content here is from the Bible-teaching ministry of Yvon Prehn at The source content of the material in the Academy is available for free through links at the website in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, and website blogs. You are more than welcome to access all of it.


However, if you want a high-resolution video of the lessons without the ads, interruptions, and distractions of YouTube that you can download and use for personal study, in Sunday School classes, small groups, Bible School, or homeschooling, plus a PDF of NOTES [that are virtually a transcript of the lesson, plus room for viewer comments], a PDF of QUESTIONS, both with unlimited reproduction rights, images you can use for PR for each lesson, plus related charts and eBooks as they become available—these are available here at the Bible805 Academy for $4.99 for one lesson module or for $36 a year subscription for ALL of them and the ones that are continuously added.


I am offering these resources at this incredibly low price because I want as many individuals, small groups, churches, homeschooling, and classes of all kinds to have access to in-depth Bible-teaching materials. I passionately believe that knowledge and application of the Bible are essential for followers of Jesus and often lacking today.


Bible805 has no corporate sponsors and does not take any outside advertising, nor participate in any affiliate marketing. The yearly and the recurring $36 subscription supports the production of these materials.


LAUNCH SPECIAL: While I'm constructing the Academy I'm offering 30% off of the regular price, $25 a year, which will last for the life of the subscription.


Please sign up below for a yearly subscription, share this opportunity with others, and pray that God’s people know, trust, and apply the Bible through their use of the Bible805 Academy. 

Book of Numbers, bad choices, consequences, and God's grace


Exodus thru Deuteronomy--don't bail out, plus a lesson on


Exodus, How to live a happy and fulfilled life after we are saved


How to Correctly Understand & Apply Bible Stories & Biblical Narratives


Joshua and the Battles of Life


Judges & Ruth, My Way or God’s Way, which is the better way to live?


About Me, Yvon Prehn creator of the videos

For much of my life I’ve taught the Bible, starting with teaching kindergartners in Sunday School class when I was in third grade, to working with youth groups, teaching adult Bible classes, working as an associate professor of church history at a Jesuit University, and now producing the Bible805 website, podcast, and video channels.

With the Bible805 Academy, I’m making available my teaching resources for you to use in any way you wish to help others get to know, trust, and apply the Bible.

If you want to know more about me, my educational, and theological background go to About Yvon Prehn. If you want to know more about the overall Bible805 ministry and the other parts of it, go to About Bible805.