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10 letting affirmations to release the past

Releasing the past is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The past contains many wonderful memories, but it also holds onto negative experiences that no longer serve us in any way. It is time to release those negative experiences so we can move forward with our lives.

I release the grudges I hold against myself and others.

  • I release the grudges I hold against myself and others.
  • Letting go of grudges is a good thing! Grudges can be a burden. They can be a barrier to happiness, success, and love. Holding onto them only serves to make you feel bad about yourself and others.

I am free from the past.

There are many ways to release the past. You can forgive yourself or others, tell the story of your experiences in a safe space, or simply focus on the present moment and let go of what has happened in the past.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that it is not only possible to release the past but also necessary to move forward with your life.

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I am free from the expectations of others.

Have you ever felt like you have to be perfect? Like no one will accept you if you aren't? We all have expectations of ourselves and others, but those expectations can be limiting.

Here are some examples of expectations that we might have:

  • You should always do well at work.
  • Your friends should always call or text back.
  • Your parents should approve of your partner/significant other.

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I release my ego, and I replace it with my soul.

The ego is the part of you that wants to be right, in control, and the best. It's also the part of you that wants to be noticed for being right, in control, or being the best. The ego is a big fat liar who keeps you from becoming all that you can be (and all that others want from you). Ego is what makes "following your heart" sound like such a cliché; it makes people believe they're following their hearts when they're just following their egos' need for validation. It's not healthy—for anyone!

I have let go of all of my attachments to the material world.

There are many things in the world that we tend to hold tightly. We cling to possessions, people, and ideas as though they were life itself. But they are not! You cannot go through this life attached to things—you must let go. When you do so, you free yourself from the past and become open to new possibilities.

Let go of material possessions: When we hold on tightly to our material possessions, it makes us feel safe because we think that having them will keep us happy or help us survive difficult times in life. However, these physical things can be taken away from us at any moment; a car accident could happen tomorrow or your house could burn down tonight! The only thing that truly belongs solely to yourself is your thoughts and feelings so don't let anyone else take those away from you either! Letting go of attachments may seem scary at first but once you've done it there won't be anything holding back who YOU want to become!

Let go of attachment with people: Sometimes letting go means letting others into our lives without being attached at all costs which could cause severe disappointment when things don't work out how either party expected them to... Plus if someone isn't willing enough then maybe there isn't anything worth keeping anyway!"

Every day my spirit is renewed, and I am made brand new.

When we are in a state of negativity and hurt, our spirit is not renewed. We can become stuck in cycles of pain and self-sabotage because of how we feel about the past.

To release these painful experiences, affirmations may help you start to heal your soul. Affirmations are positive statements that help you focus on what's good about yourself and your life instead of what's going wrong or has gone wrong. Repeating affirmations regularly can help you shift your perspective so that you can move forward with confidence into the future.

I will no longer be defined by what happened in my past.

You are not defined by what happened in your past; it doesn't need to be a part of who you are moving forward. You can't change the past, but you can change your attitude towards it. The past is gone—it’s over with, so let it go!

The past only serves to teach me lessons; it does not define who I am today.

The past only serves to teach me lessons; it does not define who I am today.

This is a difficult statement for some people to accept, but it’s true nonetheless. As human beings, our memories are often colored by painful experiences and mistakes that we wish hadn’t happened. But even though these moments may have hurt or embarrassed us at the time—and perhaps even continue to do so—they can also be looked at as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Because we were able to learn from our actions or lack thereof in these situations, they ultimately led us down a better path than if we had continued as before without changing anything about ourselves or our behavior patterns. In this way, lessons learned are not failures (otherwise known as defeats) but rather stepping stones toward success (which can be considered victories).

Risk-taking is a part of life; failure is simply the means of growing and learning the lessons needed to succeed next time.

Risk-taking is a part of life; failure is simply the means of growing and learning the lessons needed to succeed next time. The key to success is learning from your mistakes and then applying those lessons to the future. It’s important to learn from other people’s failures as well because their failures will likely not be the same as yours.

Releasing negativity can improve your outlook on life, and make you feel more relaxed.

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When you’re looking at your past, it can be challenging to see the positive. You may feel stuck in a negative mindset, and that only makes it worse.

But what if you could change the way you view the past? What if you could release some of those negative feelings?

One way to do this is through affirmations—positive messages that can help improve your outlook on life. Here are some examples:


Affirmations are a great way to release your past and create a new future. They can be used to help you heal from trauma, cope with loss, and feel confident about yourself.

Don’t let negative thoughts control your life anymore! Write down the affirmations below on index cards and say them every day for 21 days straight. You might notice that it takes some time to fully sink in but eventually, they will become second nature which is exactly what we want!

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