Boss Mi Up Academy

My name is Mi’auna (Marvelously Mi on social media). I am a fashion boutique owner, Program Developer and your new accountability partner. I am a Louisville Kentucky native (that’s right home of the GOAT Muhammad Ali & the world famous Kentucky Derby).

While juggling being a full time mother of one spoiled, outgoing, AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL & talented daughter, a fashion boutique owner and full time employee I graduated y’all! Yep, your girl walked across that stage with bachelors degree of Psychology in 2014.

Working in corporate American I have learned a few things...
1 I want more freedom with my job
2 I want to make my own schedule
3 Basically I want to work for myself

Yep, I know you are just like me. Normal working woman trying to be great 😃. Always striving to be better, refusing settle but sometimes feeling like you are all over the place with no direction. Time to “stay focused BFF” and I’m here to help you do just that.

In 2018 I had my wild child (yup a son lol) and decided to give birth to another new business adventure. I remember starting my boutique and having no direction. There was no blueprint, no helpful tips and no one who was willing or wanted to help show mi the way. This gave mi the fire to start Boss Mi Up Academy and give new business owners the blueprint to their new business. 

I work with inspiring entrepreneurs to develop their business/program by providing my clients with foundational help to start their business. Services I provide to clients who are already in business include accountability partnerships and program redevelopment to rebrand and reintroduce their business/program).