Ronda S Barnes

Ronda S. Barnes, also known as Coach Ronda, is the owner of RSB Coaching; A coaching, mentoring, and training business designed to provide accountability, support, and resources to individuals looking to heal from past wounds and begin walking in dominion and authority in their God-ordained sphere of influence. Through years of battling with faulty perspectives of personal identity and attributes of God, Coach Ronda experienced wounds that she forced herself to cope and cohabitate with in order to survive. In her search for healing God began to reveal the truth of who she was, who He is, and the roles they each play in this partnership of life! Fueled with this revelation Ronda S. Barnes discovered her purpose in teaching, training, and equipping individuals in how to heal from past wounds and begin to take dominion and authority in the sphere of influence that God has given to them. 

As believers, we have been given precious promises by God (2 Peter 1:4) but we must discover the keys to unlock them in our lives. Coach Ronda is committed to seeing people obtain these keys so that they can begin living in God’s original intent for their lives and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven in dominion, power, and authority! Through coaching, mentoring, and training Coach Ronda has had the honor of seeing hundreds of her clients overcome such difficulties as homelessness, destruction in their lives due to estranged relationships with family members, and bitter battles with divorce to become entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and more walking in the original intent of God’s heart for their lives. She has received countless opportunities to present as the Keynote Speaker for several organizations and events such as Victims Rights Week for Pitt County and Prevailing Women's Conference. She has conducted training for non-profit and for-profit organizations such as LIFE of NC and The Daily Reflector on creating a vision for the future, overcoming barriers, and breaking limitations in your mindset! She has also been a featured guest on radio, youtube, and teleconference shows like "Therapy Corner", "The Great Mentor", and "The Just Wright Book Review". 

For clients of RSB Coaching, it is all about growing in your Kingdom Mandate as you Grow in your relationship with God!

Clients of RSB Coaching go on to:

Begin YouTube Channels
Start Their Coaching Businesses
Gain New Employment After Being Unemployed For Months and Years!
Apply For And Receive Their Dream Jobs
Restore Relationships With Estranged Family Members
Start-Up Nonprofit Organizations
And Much More.....