Ronda S Barnes

Everyone was created for a purpose. You were on the mind of God before you were in your mother's womb. Your destiny was settled in heaven before you came to the earth, BUT you must partner with God in order to see your destiny manifest. This requires hard work, perseverance, and wisdom in how to overcome and breakthrough every limitation in your soul that hinders you from walking the purpose and destiny God preordained for your life! Anyone telling you otherwise is selling you a pipe dream that will get you nowhere! When you know who you are as a son and daughter of God this journey to destiny is all about learning what inheritance you have through Christ, receiving this inheritance, and walking in your authority as you advance Kindom in the sphere of influence that God has called you to! This is what RSB Coaching is all about!

The products below are resources, training, designed to help you understand your identity as a son and daughter of God, receive your Kingdom Inheritance, and show you how to walking in Authority as they Advance The Kingdom In Their Sphere of Influence.

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