ColorVizion Lab LLC

I’m Desiree Booker, Founder and CEO of ColorVizion Lab. The day my “dream employer” let me go was the day that I became serious about changing careers and landing the job of my dreams. To date, that career change has resulted in over $40,000 in salary increases and bonuses, not to mention the birth of a profitable business doing what I love! This, my friends, is what a dream job can do for YOU.

Over the past three years, I discovered the secret of changing careers in a competitive job market without having directly related experience. That strategy has allowed me to land several highly-coveted roles at NBCUniversal, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, and Turner Broadcasting, just to name a few.

I've created these tools to be a resource for people who feel stuck and frustrated in their careers. I hope they bring you tons of peace, clarity, prosperity!