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Winter is coming soon - New Worlds


Surviving The Super Grand Solar Minimum


How I Fought Type 2 Diabetes and Won


Making Thousands a Month Growing and Selling Microgreens


Growing Food in the Super Grand Solar Minimum


Home Hydroponics


DC Electronics Course 1 of 5


AC Electronics Course 2 of 5


Semiconductors Course 3 of 5


Digital Electronics Course 4 of 5


Advanced Electronics Course 5 of 5


The Little Book of Truth


About Me

A note about the Author

My name is Dennis DeLaurier. There is nothing special about me. I never attended college, received a Masters or Doctors degree and my high school English teachers who are probably all dead (I am 76) suffered an absolute failure to teach me how to use the English language. With that said, please understand that my books contain my own words, and my grammar may leave things lacking as well as any of my scientific explanations which may be a bit crude.

Things that I have done in my life

I have lived a blessed life. One of the most wonderful thing is that I have always be able to do what I wanted. Most people have to work at things they really dont enjoy. That has never been the case with me. As life is a bunch of choices, I was lucky to be able to choose what I really enjoyed. The following are only some of the things I have done and been:

Ham Radio Operator, Scout Master, Non-degree Petrophysics, Engineer, Radar Technician, Electronics Technician, Trainer and Teacher, Global Server and Storage Support Engineer, Farmer, Father, Grandfather, Hydroponics Grower and I run a Microgreens business. Last but not least in really bad financial times I was a simple Janitor! Of all the occupations, the Janitor part taught me humility and appreciation of people around me.