D. E. Kerr

D. E. Kerr writes confessional poetry and fiction within Melbourne, Australia, on her phone or laptop, scrawled in notebooks or on napkins - whatever she can find to write upon. She was featured in the 2018 charity poetry anthology Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, edited by Isabelle Kenyon, all proceeds of which went to MIND, a UK based mental health charity.

She currently has one full length poetry collection, Carnival Games, which was released in 2018, two chapbooks released in 2019, Malignant Mirror Maze and Chronic Pixie Dream Girl, and another chapbook released in 2020, Spectrum (Of My Exes)
When not writing, she can be found reading with a hot drink (usually coffee), playing Legend of Zelda, watching an obscene amount of a TV series in a short amount of time, or sleeping.