Damone Heins

My name is Damone Heins and I live on the beautiful central Oregon coast . I became interested in art at an early age. I started drawing and doodling from boredom in grade school .I had a really hard time concentrating and it helped when I distracted myself. Gradually my designs became more and more intricate with time. I developed my own unique type of art that also became a huge outlet for stress relief I decided to get my GED after dropping out of high school and then going on to college where I got my Associate of Arts. It was there I received so much encouragement to pursue my ART and publish it. My teachers were an inspiration and really allowed me so much freedom to continue developing my distinct form of art rather then focusing so much on traditional art curriculum. I decided to create coloring books to help others get into that same meditative relaxed place, while also using ones imagination to flow from one area to another using color and patterns in a unique almost organic way. I have been creating drawings for my coloring book series for the past several years, Each book is a compilation doing tons of hours of hand drawings, and then editing each page on the computer, I also paint and have several paintings available as well as a line of bug greeting cards.