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How You Can Access Power of Higher-Beings to Quantum Leap Your Energetic Vibration and Law of Attraction Power...

I Went From This (Post Fatal-Illness)

With the help of higher beings, your Energy Exercises will rise to a different dimension of effectiveness.

Energy exercises means Qigong, Yoga, Neigong, Hypnosis, Taichi, Meditation, etc. I've Done Them All.

To This at Age 45. With Neigong, Law of Attraction, and Angelic Reformations of Higher-Beings

Qi and Law of Attraction by Themselves Will Get You Nowhere

With the help from higher-beings, my Qi practices and illness reversal have finally shown incredible progress. Now I know why scientists have concluded that Qigong, meditation, and etc. have no conclusive evidence on healing cancer. You need true mastery of Qi and plenty of assistance from the heavens. For over a decade, I can only keep my illness at stable level. No matter how hard and how much I practiced, I never seen true healing. Now coupled with science of manifestation and assistance from higher-beings, my healing have finally shown tremendous progress in the past years...

With the help of higher beings, your Qigong (Neigong) practices will rise to a different dimension of effectiveness.

There are so many hidden shadows or negative energies buried down in the deep recesses of our DNA that Qi practices will never reach or even know about. Higher-beings can reroute or change the vibrations of your Qi practices to find them. You will practically get nowhere practicing Qi without the guidance and assistance of higher-beings.

If you just practice qi without understanding law of attraction science, you will in all likelihood get nowhere. You get to exactly where your old karma (Colloquial definition that there is a force controlling your destiny, not the official definition which is just "action" meaning you always can decide what to do following a consequence) dictates. I'm pretty sure that's not what anyone wants unless you're in the 0.01% of the super fortunate. One might end up as a Qigong fanatic who practice Qi for a lifetime and still not truly excel in life. This is a dangerous path and you could get trapped for lifetimes like being trapped in religions.

If you just rely on law of attraction, you will always only manifest the small stuff. If you desire is way out of your quantum level (i.e. becoming a billionaire), you can't just "Think and Grow Rich." You will need up your wealth energy vibration perhaps million-fold. This is where Qi practice come in as the intermediate tool for you to make the quantum leaps you need to get to where you want to be...

Did You Know Your Genes Dictates Your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Beauty And More? Change The Inner Physical Genetic Structures Of Body Inherited Through Your Karma With Secret Tools

The current you (your health, wealth, intellect, beauty, etc) are the sum of your karma in all the different parallel realities. In traditional Buddhist view, this is called past lives. But it is just one perspective of looking at the workings of the universe. All your past and future lives are all happening here and now. They are you and also not you. They are parallel realities. It is possible to change those karma in the parallel realities with advanced spiritual and karmic advancement methods. So the current you don't have to suffer from the negative karma of the other realities. You could learn over a decade of my findings here and apply them to your life. Wherever you are karmic wise (you may even be well ahead of me), the tools you learn here will be the fuel for your continued ascension both spiritually and materialistically. No more possibility of karmic descent or spiritual devolution.

Some of Benefits I Experienced So Far Include: Beautiful, Bouncy Hair, Better Vision (Lowered My Near-Sightedness), Vastly Improved Skin Conditions, Better Brain Functions, Acute Insight (Much Higher Wisdom Than Before), Improved Facial Appearances, and More.

Your brain won't just function faster but it will rise to new awareness level. You'll see things in a new light. You'll automatically think outside the box. Creativity comes to you naturally. You'll see the world in a new perspective. Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." I "see" this now over and over again in my life as my consciousness rise each day. You'll understand this statement when you also experience that jump in consciousness level.

Here’s an example. Perhaps you find yourself having trouble with the opposite sex. Maybe nothing you do makes them attracted to you. You thought sincerity was the key but somehow it's not working. With a new level of sex appeal (it's a state of consciousness), suddenly everything you do (the same as before) has a different effect. They now respond. Your sincerity now means something.

Perhaps you had to really work your brain to work out logic problems. With a new level of consciousness, everything just comes naturally. You automatically see the relations. You couldn’t understand why it was difficult for you before. Suddenly, your job is as simple as grade school work.

You may have had problems with interpersonal relationships in many areas of life. As your consciousness rise, you now see the problems automatically. You're now an observer. You observe your attitude and you change them accordingly. Instead of emotions controlling you. You control your emotions. Your words come out right automatically. Your body language. Your tone. Your actions. Automatically the way they need to be for your relations to work. You're now exceling and moving up at your work place and loved at home. Your ventures work out like never before, etc etc.

Here's more. It is said that great inventors can picture their invention in their head, take them apart, rearrange them, and do all sorts of things. Well, as your consciousness rise, you find you can now do similar things.

Be Open-Minded. Use Scientific Approach to Everything.

What if i told you that one might not doing well because the gods don't favor him/her or deem him/her worthy? Would you think I'm a lunatic? If you think I'm a lunatic, then that's a world-view and you have closed your mind and world to a new horizon and a higher level of looking at the world.

If you're wondering what if he's right, how do I prove this or prove him wrong, then you're in the right path. This is the key to success to anything not just worldly affairs.

So, be ready to change your world-view at anytime.

Higher-Beings Assist in Your Manifestations

When my thoughts and actions finally aligned to that of a "benevolent" person, my body started to make progress in tremendous strides toward my manifestations and true health. Forces in the universe rose up to meet me and helped me in ways I could not have imagined.

Seriously, every thought count. They are being recorded by higher-powers to see if you're a "good" person...

I sometimes get sad thinking why this has happened to me but when i get glimpses of my "past lives" or parallel realities (alternate me/my ancestors) I see that it was probably well deserved and I probably even got off lightly. These alternate versions of me are not me but their karma are still in my DNA deep down. Our ancestors' wrongdoings are imprinted deep in our DNA. It's not fair but that's how it works. For example, wealth DNA is passed down through generations and so is poverty DNA. (By the way, we pick this life so to specifically inherit this line of ancestors and their DNA or collective karma. So it is our choice. But this is another story...)

Now. Remember, I am using Karma in the colloquial sense.

Officially, Karma means "action." This means you have choices following consequences. Yes, you almost always have choices. You might have had hundreds of paths to take before you took some unkind action giving you a undesirable consequence. Now, maybe you have only 10 choices to take, but you still have choices.

There is nothing saying that you life path will be exactly this or that because you did something (i.e. karma in the colloquial sense.) However, in some extreme cases, there will be some exact "karma" which you will be left with no choice. That's what people talk about as "bad" karma.

Something will happen at a exact point, time and place. And there will be nothing one can do to stop it. Maybe it's good karma or bad karma. But it will happen. So for our own sake, be kind. Let that be good karma.

Here's two tips for good karma:

  1. Be kind to people when they need you much more than you need them or you don't need them at all.
  2. When unkind or bad karmic actions are being carried out, don't participate or implicitly agree. Even if you don't have the power to stop it, you must at least strongly disagree with in your mind. If you don't disagree, you will share in collective karma. On the other hand, when kind or good karmic actions are being carried out, you should strongly agree or praise them for doing it. You will share in the good collective karma.

You'll find more tips in "Hypermanifest: Be "Good" and Secrets of The Higher-Beings Will Reveal Themselves"

Benefits of Better Karma and Genes (Described Through Chakras)

Root Chakra (Muladhara):

Money, Career, Physical Health, Sense of Security, Manifestation. (I Have)

  • Element: Earth
  • Corresponding Color: Dark Red, Back
  • Body Part: Bottom of Spine, HuiYing (between the reproductive organ and anus)
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Gemini, Cancer
  • Energy Meaning: Innocence, Survival, Life Force
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: Powerful legs, flexible leg joints, strong physical restoration ability, strong reproductive ability, normal excretion
  • Mental: Confidence in Self-Worth, Feelings of Protection and Support, Feelings of Childish Innocence
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Trauma: Mental or physical abuse during youth from bodily or sexual abuse causing nonacceptance of intimate relationships
  • Blocked: Unsatisfactory maternal relationships during youth causing rejection of one’s worth. Large lower body and insatiable appetite.
  • Underactive: Extended youth living in shame or lack of self-respect or freedom. Possibly causing anorexia.
  • Overactive: Lack of feeling of security during youth. Over-eating and sex to satisfy oneself.

Navel Chakra (Svachusthana)

Adaptivity, Relationships, Sexual Power, Emotions. (I Feel)

  • Element: Water
  • Corresponding Color: Orange
  • Body Part: 2 inches below belly button
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Taurus, Leo, Virgo
  • Energy Meaning: Sexuality, Passion, Creativity, Courage, Trust
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: Strong lower body, flexible lower back, normal sexual needs
  • Mental: Intimate relations, non-over attachment or detachment, enjoyment of physical touch, self-worth
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Trauma: Strong setbacks during intimate relations, unable to express emotions, no courage to face problems, intestinal problems
  • Blocked: Extended youth lacking validations, unwilling to express own feelings, lost of courage, affecting sexual performance
  • Underactive: Extended living with no self-validations or external validations, lost of self-worth, unable to trust others, unable to accept intimate relationships
  • Overactive: Rejects intimate relationships, over-controlling in relationships through various means, abnormal sexual relationships, digestive problems

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Affluence, Wealth, Creativity, Will Power, Rational, Power, Social, Metabolism. (I Can)

  • Element: Fire
  • Corresponding Color: Yellow
  • Body Part: Slightly lower peritoneal
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Aries, Leo
  • Energy Meaning: Courage, Power, Rational, Social
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: Normal Digestive Function, Healthy Muscle Joints, Strong Backbone, Strong Liver Function
  • Mental: Self Confidence, Leadership, Clear-Minded, Rational and Logical, Strong-Willed, and Proactive
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Trauma: Strong Social Anxiety, Unable to Hold a Job Due to Anti-Social Behavior, Over-Tense, Sever Stomach Problems
  • Blocked: Anti-Social, Unable to Listen to Others, Lack of Self-Confidence, Digestive Problem
  • Underactive: Unable to fulfill social duties and personal responsibilites, liver problems
  • Overactive: Unable to listen to others, obsessed with power, fame, money, and social status. Arrogance. Too much pride. Liver problems.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Compassion, Love, Openess, Empathy, Acceptance. (I Love)

  • Element: Wind
  • Corresponding Color: Green, Pink
  • Body Part: Middle of Chest, Center Between Two Nipples
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Libra, Pisces
  • Energy Meaning: Love, Hope, Empathy
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: Strong Immune System, Normal Respiratory Function, Flexible Back Muscles
  • Mental: Able to Express and Accept Love, Empathic, Hopeful on Life
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Trauma: Untrusting of Others, Over-Sensitive to Intimate Relationships, Doubtful of Others’ Sincerity, Heart and Lung Problems
  • Blocked: Rejecting of Others’ Love, Unable to Express One’s Feeling of Love, Lack of Empathy, Loneliness, Respiratory Problems, Weak Heart and Lung Functions
  • Underactive: Unable to communicate with others, unable to feel the surrounding love, feeling of being abandoned, heart disease, blood vessel problem, abnormal lung function
  • Overactive: Unable to fulfill the need for love, over-controlling over lover, unemphatic, high blood pressure, hypertension

Throat Chakra (Vishuda)

Communications, Persuasion, Truth, Eloquence, Self-Expression (I Speak)

  • Element: Light
  • Corresponding Color: Blue
  • Body Part: Mid-Lower Throat
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology: Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Energy Meaning: Communications, Persuasion, Equality, Wisdom, Words
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: Normal Eating Habit, Clear Pronunciation, Clearly Express Oneself Through Words and Speech, Normal Hearing and Tasting Functions
  • Mental: Easily Communicate with Others, Clearly Express One’s Intention, Correctly Understand Others’ Intentions, Sociable
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Traumatized: Rejects communications, Uses Verbal Attacks, Social Outcast, Abnormal taste function, respiratory function problem
  • Blocked: Depressed, Unable to Connect Socially, Daydreaming, Thyroid gland problems
  • Underactive: Rejects others’ sympathy, unable to connect socially, thyroid gland problems, loss of voice, respiratory infections
  • Overactive: Unable to Listen to Others’ Opinions, Unable to Distinguish between ideal and reality, vocal chord problems

Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Beauty, Healthy Sight, Intution, Morals, Memory, Sixth Sense, Predication, Wisdom, Higher Self. (I See)

  • Element: Spiritual Light
  • Corresponding Color: Indigo
  • Body Part: Center Between The Eye Brows
  • Corresponding Horoscope from Astrology (): Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Energy Meaning: Awakening, No Doubts, Observation
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: No Sleep Disorders, Normal Eye Functions, Smooth Facial Features,
  • Mental: Balance between rational and emotional, strong sense of moral, responsibility for own actions, mindful of own actions
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Traumatized: Arrogant, Outcast, Unable to Fit In Socially, Problem Focusing, Vision Problems, Sleeping Disorders
  • Blocked: Unable to Concentrate, Lack of Observation Ability, Loss of Memory, Lack of Logical Reasoning, Migraines, Long-Term Headaches
  • Underactive: Unable Distinguish Illusion and Reality, Depression, Paranoia, Mal-nutrition, Hallucinations
  • Overactive: Over-Dedication to Religions/Spiritual Belief or Doctrine, Over-Controlling of Others through Morals. Hyperactive. Tense facial muscles.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Fair Skin, Healthy Hormones, Spiritual, Cosmic Connection, Enlightenment. (I Know)

  • Element: Void
  • Corresponding Color: Purple
  • Body Part: Top of Head
  • Energy Meaning: Compassion, Wisdom, Initial Enlightenment, Evolution
  • Healthy State:
  • Physical: No Sleeping Disorders, Healthy Hormone System, Good Skin Condition
  • Mental: Peaceful, Tune and Balance one’s own emotions, spiritual
  • Unhealthy State:
  • Traumatized: Depressed on Life, Unable to Balance Inner Emotions, Memory Loss or Altered Memory, Hormone Disorder
  • Blocked: Blind Faith in Religions, Complains Often, Skin Problems, Hormone Disorder
  • Underactive: Blind Faith in Religions, Loss of Interest in Life, Suicidal
  • Overactive: Arrogant, Craves Others’ Adoration, Use of Doctrines to Control Others, Hormone Disorders, Hallucinations

  • Chakras Information Courtesy of Seer

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About Me

It took me over 15 years of practicing, intense hardship and learning about Qi to reverse and alleviate a body of poor genetics, mental health, and my near fatal degenerative illness in the prostate, stomach, pancreas, and brain (All with no invasive procedures). Without discussing emotional, mental hardships, and constant pain throughout my spine — the physical hardships involved are over-a-decade of severe insomnia, pus flowing out of the crown of my head, coughing out black mucus, blood clots, and virtually non-stop ringing inside my head, more. Now I wish to present to you my knowledge accumulated over the years with my keen senses to Qi paired scientific thinking. You'll also find out many Masters' incredible teachings that have helped me evolve my body, mind, soul. I hold BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and UCLA, respectively.

What people are saying

I've bought several of his works and asked a question for clarity and was quickly answered. This is the loa as seen from a Mystical Eastern point of view. New manifestations techniques and thoughts techniques that anyone can easily think on and or try.

Get his books! "Hypermanifesting", his other works and, and his products and services!

— Ivan

My Hunger Went Away Instantly After Drinking The Powerful QiDrink! I Was Sunk in My Seat. Suddenly I Felt The Energy To Sit Up Straight and Straighten My Spine. I Felt I Needed To Go Do Something. Anything But Sitting In My Chair! Wow. Amazing.

— D.T.

4 Tips to Help Reverse Serious Illnesses
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Why Law of Attraction Doesn't Work For You? Your Energy (Presence, etc) Is Too Weak Compared to Superstars (CEOs, Jim Carrey…)

It’s easy to manifest the small stuff. We’ve all seen proof of LOA, but it’s always the small things. What about life-changing manifestations…

This is The Only Way to Manifest “The Big Stuff”...

Most people know about Jim Carrey's $10 million Check Visualization Story. But I'm sure most everyone has tried it and it doesn't work for them. Before I tell you why it doesn't work for you, here is the interview Jim Carrey had with Oprah in 1997. Just in case you don't know the story:

Jim Carrey's $10 Million Check Visualization Came True

Here's an abridged transcript of the interview:

“I would visualise having directors interested in me and people that I respected saying, ‘I like your work’, and I would visualise things coming to me that I wanted … and I had nothing at that time, but it just made me feel better.”

“At that time, all it really was for me was kind of making me feel better. I would drive home and think ‘Well, I do have these things; they’re out there, I just don’t have a hold of them yet, but they’re out there’.”

“I wrote myself a cheque for $10 million for ‘acting services rendered’ and I gave myself 5 years … or 3 years maybe. I dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and I put it in my wallet and I kept it there and it deteriorated and deteriorated. But then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, I found out that I was going to make $10 million on Dumb and Dumber.”

(Oprah: "Visualization works if you work hard.")

“Well, yeah. That’s the thing, you can’t just visualise and then, you know, go eat a sandwich.”

Well. Now you know the story.

Hard Work Will Not Get You There

While Oprah and Jim agree that hard work the key here, it is not the true story.

The real key is the process between the visualization and raising your energy to the level of that visualized reality.

When Jim started his visualization 5 years, he didn't look like a celebrity. Five years later, as his energy transformed, his appearance also looked like that of a movie star. During the five years of "hard work", his energetic vibration dramatically risen to his visualized reality and then he's living his dream.

The "hard work" is the flaw that gets everyone off. Look at Jim and Oprah, they're working but it is not "hard work" by everyone's definition. They are happy doing what they love. Their work inspires them.

"Happy work" or "Inspired Actions" is the correct term.

For most visualizations, these happy inspired actions are simple and little. There is definitely no "hard work." "Hard work" will not get anyone anywhere.

Raising Your Energy Until You Match the Visualization

(If You Want to Be a A CEO, Then You Need to Raise Your Vibration Until You Finally Look and Feel and Think and Act Like a CEO)

Now you know hard work won't get you there. The key is to transform your energy until you look and feel and (vibrate automatically) and also think and act (transform your mind) the part you play in your desired reality.

This website will give you the tools the completely transform you and take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Keeping The Realities Bridged

By keeping the realities bridged, you'll get there at tremendous speed. When the realities are bridged, you will see physical evidence of your manifestations everywhere you go. (For example, when I bridge realities of financial abundance, everywhere I go I see BMW, Mercedes, Royce-Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. How is this statistically possible? But it is true. This simply means vibrationally I'm at their level while full physical manifestation hasn't happened yet.)

So the key is to keeping the realities bridged for as long as possible each day...

After learning from me, your day will be divided into altered states (time doing the meditation) and non-altered state (time not doing the meditation)