Some few decades back,I grew up in the city of Ibadan ,Nigeria Where had a peaceful life growing up as a Child.Ibadan is a place filled Contentment.Growing up as a kid,I was always found Dismantling Electronics and household appliances.I was curious to see what works in the appliances and that led me to destroying a lot of tgings.The few things I can say about myself is that I am Objective, Passionate, Understanding and Easy-going. Year 2017, I bagged my first degree in Computer Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of technology Ogbomoso.Among other things,I was fascinated by the fact that the knowledge acquired from Computer Engineering could be applied across Inter decipline.I am passionate about music and I do take the inspiration it brings to other areas of my life.I am devoted to self education and I a have been using every knowledge gained to provide various innovations to diverse problems.My core set of values are centred around Truth, Deligence and Uniqueness.My greatest aspiration is to bring honor and respect back to different sectors in Nigeria through the use of Self Education and and application of Modern Technology.You can call me Dbytes, Scriptural Scholar,Pra-academician, Inventor,Innovator, Motivational Speaker,Sound Engineer, Researcher,DIYer,Entrepreneur and much more.I belief that the ultimate human asset is the mindset.An Unforgettable part of my story is that i watch my mum die of Cancer in the year 2018 .I became more purposeful and I was able to write and Author my first Book on a smartphone despite my poor financial state.I wrote The Only Cancer Cure to give the people the right education about Cancer.In 2016,I created my first YouTube channel, Focusing on Common problems That I have encountered in my life and how I went solving it with knowledge.I so much fell in love with Entrepreneurship and that has made me work for my self and convert my time better.In the past three years I have focused my energy on Designing and Inventing Products that will solve Current and Future problems faced by many,using the knowledge of Automation