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Meet Aleiya Hunter

Aleiya Hunter (writing here under the pen name Alexandria), spent her childhood in the United States in the New England countryside, where she enjoyed a deep connection with nature and animals...bunnies, horses, chasing butterflies, climbing trees, picking wildflowers and blackberries, spending fascinated hours playing with fireflies and star-gazing.


There was nothing easy or simple for a "sensitive" child living with parents that lacked the understanding and capacity to nurture beyond fear and anger. The elemental kingdom (and a pair of Pisces grandmothers), offered her friendships, magic, and sanctuary to keep the child in human form alive. As her life progressed, she would walk distinctly in two separate worlds. A university educated and national award-winning communications specialist, photographer and consultant on a corporate-business path paralleled a steady progression in learning who and what she was. An intuitive capable of integrating energy work and communication thru multiple dimensions.


With more than 30-years’ experience and a foundation in the primary areas of metaphysics including astrology, energy work, universal law, meditation, kinesiology, mediumship, numerology, divination systems, crystals and more; Aleiya now works at the planetary level with a diverse team of non-physical guides from the galactic, angelic and elemental realms. Whether as a classroom instructor, artist, or in providing individual guidance, their goal is to demonstrate the successful integration and positive outcomes that can happen by understanding the application in daily life of how energy, intuition, manifestation, and universal law can work hand-in-hand in practical decision-making to bring peace, solutions and graceful transformation.


Aleiya provides expanded discussions thru the Dendera Gateway on the latest energy shifts and world events, in addition to specific tips and tools to assist in balancing as well as navigating both personal and global changes. And her energy artwork can be viewed though Dendera Impressions.