Dennis Marshall Naicker

Dennis Marshall Naicker was born in 1953 on the 23rd. of December, in the city of Pietermaritzburg in the province of Natal (now known as Kwa-Zulu natal) South Africa. Grew up and finished his schooling under the apartheid system. Left South Africa in 1986 not wanting his children to grow up under apartheid, went to America and enrolled at Christ for the Nations Bible college, being a born again believer. It was there that he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. He did not quit college as was his original plan (to pursue the American dream) but continued at the college, where he graduated and was ordained by Full Gospel international as a pastor. He then came back to South Africa and pioneered the Church Trinity Ministries (of which he is still the current senior pastor) He has pastored for the past 27years (at the time of writing), and through their Bible college has ordained several pastors who have started churches in and around the country. This book is his second, the first book (Help I’m a Christian) has helped to answer many questions that young believers in Christ needed to know.