Trauma, Turmoil, Testimony and Truth - A Memoir by Diana Floyd

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Diana Floyd's 5-star reviewed autobiography reveals top traumatic events from her childhood - death, sexual abuse, divorce, addiction, serious illnesses, dysfunctional relationships, family drama's and much more! A Non-Fiction book exposing the unthinkable.

REVIEW by Yvonne van Niekerk, Therapist at FAMSA Outeniqua
"I can not believe that one person can go through so much trauma within 27 years! There is very little information available about psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. In her book, Diana explains what PNES is, how a seizure can unfold and its typical presentation. , how such a patient should be treated during an attack and what the triggers are.I admire Diana that she was able to write this book while she had literally 5 to 20 attacks a day every day.I have known Diana for 7 years and am amazed me about her courage, boldness and humor during the most difficult circumstances. "

REVIEW by Maritza Gerber, Teacher at Heart At Work - Incedendo
"This book is excellent. Very well written!"

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