Dr. Evette is a Graduate of World Harvest Bible College, where the Hon- orable Rod Parsley is founder and Pastor. She holds her Associates, Bache- lor, Masters and PH.D in Theology. She has appeared on 'WACTV' Live, and World TV Network besides other Christian Networks. One of her goals is to rescue the little ones who are trapped in the "Sex Trafficking Industry" and sexual exploitations. Part of her vision is to open a caring home to nurture and raise them in the love of our Heavenly Father and release them into their Kingdom Destiny! Dr. Evette teaches from the Kingdom perspective - on our Delegated Authority as citizens of Heaven. One of her mandates is to awaken the appetite for the Glory of God wit- hin the hearts of the people of God. She teaches primarily on operating as Kings and Priests, functioning in Dominion to subdue the earth and rule over it.