DrKellieRose Performance Science

I am a sport scientist and self-confessed sports addict! I studied it, I work in the field, and I practise it. Sport has always been my passion, and to work as a practitioner in elite sport was my dream…so at a young age, I set my mind to making my dream a reality. And here we are... Apart from the enjoyment I get working 'on-deck' with coaches and athletes in the training and performance environment, my passions lie in optimisation – of systems, processes, performance programs and everything else involved in achieving success in the complex world of elite sport. I also love developing resources, sharing knowledge and promoting the growth and learning of everyone I have the privilege of interacting with. Hence my reason for writing and sharing these eBooks with the sporting community. My goal is to break down the barriers to sport science, bring science to practise, and provide useful and applicable tools that can be applied by coaches and athletes at all levels of sport. I hope these resources support you on your journey to success!