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Dr. Stacia is America's #1 Success Strategist, an author, and dynamic speaker aiming to help women achieve success goals in their personal and professional lives. Working in the mental health industry for over 20 years, Dr. Stacia has helped 20,000 people manage and overcome stress and burnout. She has developed programming to help her clients understand the importance of addressing mental health even in crisis mode. Dr. Stacia recognizes professionals and high achievers deal with the stressors of success without truly understanding the impact it has on their emotional and cognitive well-being. She is passionate about helping people understand the importance of addressing all aspects of success; positive and negative. As an expert in human behavior, she teaches entrepreneurial and professional women dynamic strategies to develop a comprehensive and balanced model for success, encompassing four levels of wellness: professional, relationships, spirituality, and self-care.

What people are saying

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Dr. Alexander is very compassionate about the help she provides, while ensuring engagement and an exceptional experience. She not only provides counsel, which makes you dig deep within your soul for a pure answer. She also advocates for each person to assert accountability in every aspect of their lives for the betterment of their own well- being.

— Dr. Lori Butler

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Dr. Stacia moderated a Panel I was recently on and her performance was absolutely stellar. The questions she presented were thought provoking and kept the audience engaged. Thank you

— ShantaQuillette Deville

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I can only speak for myself (but I am sure others feel the same).... felt like Dr. Alexander was staring and talking straight to me, thru that Zoom screen, this evening! Needed that "talking to" this evening. Hard dose of reality!!! Awesome MasterClass!! Looking forward to the next couple of nights.

— D.S.

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