European Association of Certified Turnaround professionals

Set yourself apart from colleagues by becoming a Certified Turnaround Professional, and prove you have the knowledge, experience and integrity for the next turnaround job. Becoming a member of the EACTP will give you a professional edge in a competitive field, and provide prospective clients with an instantly recognisable assurance of your turnaround credentials.

Body of Knowledge

EACTP, in conjunction with university faculty and industry practitioners, has developed three newly refreshed Body of Knowledge books – Accounting and Finance, Legal Principles, and Management – to help individuals understand important practices, concepts, and theories as they relate to the turnaround profession.

Accounting and Finance 
Legal Principles 

The books are valuable tools for helping you apply the principles of corporate renewal to real-world situations and will allow you to increase your skill set. Practitioners have found them useful for expanding their knowledge base and gaining a professional edge within a competitive industry.