Bishop eric tony ayisi is one of africa's best bible teachers , whose ministry is accompanied by notable miracles which include instant healing of hole in heart cases and hiv aids, replacement of wombs removed by surgery and many others. he also pophesies smoothly. He has trained and ordained over five hundred pastors & prophets . He is the senior pastor of divine counsel fellowships and international christian liberty churches which are a fast growing network of fellowships and churches in ghana. When he was seventeen he was a winner of a commonwealth essay competition award which was marked in london. He is owner of several publications mainly on christianity. the information he shares in this treatise represent truth he has personally used in his over twenty years in ministy with Jesus Christ. He lives in mcarthy hill, accra, ghana, with his beautiful wife , prophetess and bishop rebecca and his two sons, Duke and Baron. HE CAN BE REACHED ON TEL : 233208205386 OR EMAIL: