Eagle Eye Channellings

My name is Anna Matthews. I am a deep voice trance medium and have communicated with spirit since I was a child (I am now in my early 30’s). For the last four years I have been a channel for an enlightened being who is one of my spirit guides, Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye is a joyful, kind, wise and extremely loving spirit who shares wisdom on self-love, manifestation, spiritual development, the golden rays and the importance of applying spirituality in our everyday lives. Eagle Eye is extremely engaging, animated and captivating and his teachings are explained in a simple, humorous manner for all to enjoy and easily comprehend (no matter what level of spiritual awareness one may be at). I have spent the last five years studying Metaphysics under Reverend Leigh Russell at Lotus in Focus Spiritualist Church on the Gold Coast, Australia and began to channel Eagle Eye at the Lotus in Focus meditation circle. Eagle Eye now wishes his much needed teachings to be accessible to all who desire them. The teachings run for approximately 15 mins and are available weekly from this website www.eagleeyechannellings.com I hope you enjoy Eagle Eye and his wonderful words of wisdom that come from pure love and light. Kindest regards Anna Matthews http://eagleeyechannellin.wix.com/home