Elaine Feuer CEO Blue Danube Publishing

Elaine Feuer became the CEO of Blue Danube Publishing in December 2014. Elaine is the author of To Gently Leave This Life: The Right To Die and Innocent Casualties: The FDA’s War Against Humanity . The Last Waltz: Love, Death & Betrayal, written by Sean Davison, edited by Elaine, and published by Blue Danube, is available for purchase in February. Elaine began contemplating end-of-life issues after witnessing her mother’s slow and painful death from cancer, which resulted in "To Gently Leave This Life" and "The Last Waltz": Assessing the quality of life, and allowing patients who suffer from debilitating pain and dependence on others to gently leave this life, gives people a dignified alternative. Elaine has worked in the medical division of Little, Brown & Company, and freelanced as a research and development coordinator for a variety of film and television projects. Elaine utilized the skills obtained in achieving History and Criminology Degrees from the University of Toronto to research and write Innocent Casualties: The FDA’s War Against Humanity, which is in it’s fourth edition as an eBook.