Esmé Avalyn

Esmé Avalyn, is a visionary, empath, facilitator of consciousness, Temple Priestess, singer and Light Language Vocalist, Reiki Energy Master, dancer, mystic, author and poet. Esmé channels the ancient language of the divine feminine–Light Language–in the form of songs, the spoken word, mudras and movement; while Shakti is transmitted through touch, through her eyes, and in silence. The energy that radiates from Esmé’s presence as she feels deeply into your heart and soul, is full of love, joy and playfulness. Her work has become a transfiguration, and she joyfully shares her gifts. With great love and passion, Esmé invites us into a direct experience of Divine Love, beyond words and belief systems, guiding you home to the Sacred Jewel within your own heart, and ultimately to your own awakening and transformation. Whatever your background, Esmé is honored to connect with each of you, and assist you in this beautiful journey to come into the full embodiment of Love itself. She is available for private sessions, and Satsang & Light Song group events. Esmé is always willing to consider any invitation to travel to other locations, wherever there is a deep calling to awaken and live a life of freedom. All is Love!