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Thumbnail preview pictures of all 24 coloring pages included in this collection. Wildlife like beavers, deer, birds, butterflies.

Dreams can come true, sometimes they just take a little longer to be fulfilled than we plan. After a lot of time and work one of mine (Lisa’s) has. I am pleased to announce that my first Nature and Wildlife Coloring Book is available now on

I try to choose specific dates for releasing books. November 30th is the official publication date of this one, for my cousin Rich’s birthday. He is no longer with us, but in Heaven with my little brother, Shane. Shane’s birthday was December 1st. I thought this was befitting since November 30th in the US is December 1st ’round the Earth.

The release date, however, got a wee bit delayed due to technical glitches. But December 9th is Kirk Douglas’s 100th Birthday!!!! I think this is also befitting because he’s definitely quite a character. ;0)

The first book, the Right-Handed Edition was published on November 30, 2016.

The Left-Handed Edition was published March 1, 2017


Book/Coloring Page Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Coloring Pages in Printed Book Editions: 48 (plus extras on other pages)

Different Illustrations: 24


Book Cover for Many Meetings A Nature's Curiosities Coloring Collection Left-Handed Edition by Lisa Marie Ford. Book Cover for Many Meetings A Nature's Curiosities Coloring Collection Right-Handed Edition by Lisa Marie Ford

Left-Handed Printed Book Edition on Amazon

Right-Handed Printed Book Edition on Amazon

Printable Digital Downloads are available in our online store in 6 sets of 4 coloring pages or the entire collection.