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Lisa’s second collection of coloring pages features Hot Air Balloons.

This collection of illustrations is available in two Editions, one for Right-handed Colorists and another for Lefties. Both books were Published June 16, 2017

These books measure 8.5 x 11 inches (about 21.59 x 27.94 cm) and all 36 illustrations are vertical or portrait pages.

Inspired by Balloon Festivals, such as the local “Thurston Classic” and Daydream Flights these illustrations feature modern balloons, old-fashioned flyers, fantasy, and a lot of fun.

Of the 36 different pictures, 12 feature scenes with clouds, whilst the other 24 allow the colorist to choose the background; clear skies, clouds, sunsets, starry nights, or landscapes and trees.

To The Sky -A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Books Back Cover Preview

Different Perspectives:

6 pages = Sideviews of multiple balloons, with one balloon closest, filling more of the page, with the others at various distances

6 pages = Looking up at the bottom of multiple balloons in the sky or as they take flight (gussets surrounding the basket in patterns and shapes)

6 pages = Cloud scenes with medium to small balloons in flight (various distances). One of these features the Moon

6 pages = looking down on the tops of balloons with shapes and patterns made of and on the balloon gussets.

6 pages = Old-fashioned flyers and creative inventions; making geometric shapes and patterns with nets and ropes, some even feature wings. Humans have tried many odd things to attempt flight, these are just a few of those ideas.

6 pages = One large or close balloon with a cloudy sky scene in the background. Earth’s moon appears in all of these. One features birds, which you can color as swans or geese.

There are Many Designs:

Fantasy takes flight with a winged unicorn

A ship with masts sailing

An elephant balloon (he almost looks like he is balancing on a ball)

Sea shells


Sea urchins

Sea horses

A sea turtle




Shooting stars

Whimsical stars and starbursts

Celtic Knots

Giraffe spots

Big Cat speckles, such as a leopard or cheetah

Zebra stripes

Butterfly wing designs, imitating their patches of colors

Shapes and spots of a turtle’s shell

Geometric shapes: diamonds, squares, circles, triangles

Swirls in various shapes

Unique Patterns

Shaped Balloons = like an owl, a penguin, and a star.

Simple, blank, balloons allowing you to create your own

With so many designs, what will you choose to color first?

Coloring for Everyone

As with other coloring books by Lisa Marie Ford, this collection is available in two editions; a Right-handed version and a Left-handed version.

The Right-handed book has the binding on the left side of the book; featuring coloring pages on odd pages, or the right page when the book is opened.

The Left-handed Edition has the same coloring pages, except for they are on the left page when the book is opened displaying two pages, has the binding on the right side.

These options allow the colorist to choose whichever edition allows the coloring hand freedom to express best.


Critter Express Cartoons; Audie and Bagpipes the Sheltie Collies, on the copyright page can also be colored.

Clouds on the introduction page, which is kind of a letter from me, can be colored as well as the balloons on the special note or recommendations page.

Color testing pages for trying out a color for the first time or blending multiple colors before putting them in a picture or doodling or writing thoughts.

These designs range from simple to detailed, with thin to thick lines, and make a nice variety for the whole family.

Whimsical high flying coloring fun for “kids” of all ages.

Page Previews:

To the Sky – A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book by Lisa Marie Ford Coloring Pages 1-12 Previews

To the Sky – A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book by Lisa Marie Ford Coloring Pages 13-24 Previews

To the Sky – A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book by Lisa Marie Ford Coloring Pages 24-36 Previews

Available in both a Left-Handed Edition and a Right-Handed Edition On

Book Cover for To The Sky: A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book Left-Handed Edition by Lisa Marie Ford. Book Cover for To The Sky: A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book Right-Handed Edition by Lisa Marie Ford

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