#Who am I? I am professional trader and analyst in foreign exchange market with outstanding experience. #Why I trade? I trade Forex with a view to achieve my target to be one of the best traders of all time. #What is my philosophy? The important thing for me is to make my readers happy, to enable them to regain that confidence they lost by assisting them improve their skills. Because, my readers’ satisfaction is my priority. #Contacts: #Specialty Professional analyst in foreign exchange market. Especially Forex and research analysis. Trading strategist. Financial market. Currency forecast and recommendations analysis. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum). Money management. #Occupation Project management: using acquired skills to manage trading accounts. Investment manager in Forex. Excellent to share skills with the best companies and investors in the world to provide them deals and projects. Analytical expert. Researcher in foreign exchange market. Online course and education seminar. Authoring articles, topics, and a piece of writing. #Place of research I have been making research as analytical expert, department manager of analytics with InstaForex companies group. My responsibilities and especially in InstaForex companies are: Authoring articles of currency forecast and recommendations in foreign exchange market, and specially Forex, and research analysis. #Education In 2003, I obtained bachelor's degree in Experimental Sciences. In 2007, I was holding a degree in software engineering analysis. #Awards A lot of prizes and certificates from Forex brokers. Winner of several social work awards: Education Literacy and Non-Formal Education (in Literacy and Adult Education in The National Initiative for Human Development). #Achievements I was been written more than 3000 trading analysis articles in InstaForex companies group. Furthermore, I shared more than ten thousand of topics and analytical reviews of Forex market on websites and forums. #Skills I have a lot of experiences in Forex and other skills such as: responsible, determined and ambitious economist with a wide theoretical and practical knowledge in following areas: international investments; international business environment; international finance; people management; international accounting; international business law. Mastering of problem solving skills, successful in critical analysis, detail oriented. I am capable of accomplishing assignments regardless of possible pressure. I am a successful trader in Forex, money management, and risk management principles. I also have a high quality of knowledge in computer and internet technology. #Positive qualities Serious, honesty, respect, modest, patient, candid, trustworthy, cooperative, businesslike, responsibility, open-mindedness, philanthropist, justice, transparency, creativity, proficiency, inventive, knowledgeable, perceptive, promptitude, thoughtful, wisdom, and morality. #More freetime * Interests Algorithm, philosophy, psychology, economics, social work, and the theory of probability. * Hobbies Outdoor activities, creativity, sports, shopping, reading, and computer. #My motto: Change your mind to positive immediately. If you don't take your mind to another level, you won't see things in different way until a camel enters into the eye of a needle. #Contacts: