Boaz Ethan

Boaz Ethan N guessan as a Missionary is the president and founder of Boaz Ethan Ministries, mandated by God through "Salt of the Earth Missionary Church(SEMC) based on Matthew 5:13 to restore the lost Value and Flavor of Mankind due to the corruption of sin by satan. That assignment shall be carried out via the preaching and the teaching of the Salted and Flavorous Word of God. By so doing, as many as would be impacted and be restored back their lost value shall go and do likewise to their fellow brethren as long as the Lord shall tarry to come back. I'm also a MLM CEO and Networker, Motivational Speaker, a Gospel songs writter and Singer and a Teacher as well. Since 2010, I've been promoting a MLM company products called EDMARKER INTERNATIONAL, the which, I strongly recommend you for not only the maintainance of a good health but for also the building of a strong financial future.#$#For more details, visit our global website: or contact me via any of these links displayed downwards: Email: skype: therodofjesuschrist74 Whatsapp/Viber: +22549486600#$#+22506816955#$ To your Great Success in Jesus Christ name. SHALOM!!