Fractal Abundance - Journal Prompts & Courses

Hi, I'm Simmone!

Welcome to my page! I am an Intuitive Fractal Analyst! So, what that means in simpler terms is, that I have the ability to receive and understand the wisdom hidden within geometric fractal patterns. Fractals are mystical, beautiful and awesome, but do you know what's even better? They are great teachers too! Everything you could ever want to know about creating a successful life, great relationships and the kind of money you deserve, are hidden within these amazing patterns. In fact, people pay consultants thousands of dollars everyday to find out these solutions to improve their businesses, marriages and personal lives.
I've done the heavy lifting for you by translating these patterns into courses and journals that you can use improve every aspect of your life. Journalling has been one of the most magical ways I've used to access my own intuition for many years, so I hope that you enjoy my books and learn many new things too!