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Oi amigos! Sou Gabriel Baum, Chef vegetariano, empreendedor social, ativista pelos direitos humanos y dos animais desde pequeno! Comecei meu caminho na cozinha sendo inspirado pelo Chef Jamie Oliver quando era criança. Hoje, trabalho com causas animalistas y direitos humanos y empreendo negócios sociais com minha família.,, são alguns deles. 

Hello friends, I'm Gabriel Baum, vegetarian chef and social entrepreneur, son of activist Sabrina Bittencourt, who was forced to commit suicide in February this year by the assassins working for João Teixeira de Faria, known as "João de Deus . ", from Abadiania, Brazil. My mother was responsible for initiating a crusade against the greatest rapist of women in the history of my country and now that she died, I follow her legacy and treat some families with children from witnesses who are suffering threats and are poor.

Unfortunately, justice in Brazil is slow, although for the first time, although it is working well in this case. For that, I am selling my book to send the money to these families.

For those who want to know more about my projects and who is my mother, here are some links:,, / activistmedia / 2019/02 / ciberactivismo-y-based-violencia-en-brasil-el- caso-de-red-activismo-dirigido-por-sabrina-bittencourt-in-joao-de-deus-case /

https: // God-takes-life.html

Thank you so much!