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After the completion of my theological studies in 1974 at the University of Stellenbosch, near Cape Town in South Africa, I ministered in several churches. Since 1982 I have constantly been researching certain topics. Pertinent questions about the existence of a Deity and the Authority of the Bible, compelled me to investigate these aspects. I was adamant to find answers on questions such as: • Is there a God? If so, who is He? • How did He introduce Himself, for example: aTri-union Godhead; Allah; Jehovah; Buddha, etc.. etc..? Are they all not only an expression of the same deity? • Which religion follows the Truth? And to be specific, what is truth? • Did humanity begin with Adam and Eve? Where does Evolution fit in? Had other people not existed before Adam and Eve, according to the Bible? • How did the creation start? Is it not according to the Bible already completed? Scientists are proclaiming that the Universe is still busy expanding. This supposition that the firmament is continually expanding outward is not new according to the Word of God. • How did most of the churches originate? • What is the purpose or function of the Christian church and congregational ministries? • Why is it important to belong to a church? Is it not perhaps something that is obsolete? The above mentioned concerns are but a few that many people are struggling with. With this course we are going to investigate more deeply. Consequently, since 2005, there have been an increasing number of debates in the news media on some of the topics mentioned. I discovered that a deep divide is busy developing between theologians' views on the one hand, and scientists and atheists’ on the other hand, as well as those who are seeking sensible answers to vital questions.   Based on my research I have discovered that modern science to a large extent should not be considered as an enemy of the Bible. On the contrary: modern discoveries to a large extent support and confirm what had been recorded in the Word of God thousands of years ago. When studying the original biblical languages ​​Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek of the Bible, there is an even better correlation between these truths.