Healthy Chef Steph

Hello and Welcome! My name is Stephanie-May Elswood and I run the Instagram page @HealthyChefSteph 

I started using Instagram in 2015 as part of my recovery from an eating disorder. I shared my meals each day to prove to myself that food was not the enemy. I slowly regained my confidence and at the same time fell in love with cooking. 

Fast forward 3 years and I now have a balanced relationship with food. I’ve also expanded my Instagram page to include positive messages that are not just about food, but are also about health, fitness (a bit of fashion) and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

I’ve been sharing my recipes online for so long now, that I thought it was finally time I put them into an e-Book to make them easily accessible. My style of cooking is very quick, simple and easy to follow as I’m a firm believer that delicious, nutrient dense food doesn’t have to take hours to prepare! 

In the last year, I’ve totally changed my diet and lifestyle to living more plant-based. I’ve eliminated dairy, meat, eggs and honey - and I couldn’t be happier! 

I feel revitalised, energised, and strong. It took a while to adjust, but after carrying out my own research, experimenting and after much practise, I’ve discovered what I really love and some ‘tips and tricks’ to make the process enjoyable. 

I hope you like my recipes and that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Please share your creations and tag me on Instagram @HealthyChefSteph and on twitter @HealthyCSteph and use the hashtag #PlantToPlate.

Big hugs,