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Awakening House Academy

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Easy Learning for Everyday

$1 Tip-Sheet Downloads


Needs some quick advice and help you can apply immediately? $1 Downloads are simplified teachings on a variety of basic Christian subjects like healing and finances. For just (1) dollar each download a one or two page .pdf file to quickly get the help you want!

HoHG Growth Guides

AMP Growth Guides

You can live an amazing, anointed, meaningful and powerful life in Christ! And do it for free! It can be a challenge trying to live your life according to the Sunday Sermons. ~Pastor Deidre Jones has organized the basics of our Christian lifestyle into 3 self-guided pathways.

Christian Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads

Fill your life with a variety of understanding! There are so many topics that we get taught; think we know; or just don't quite understand. Pick and choose from low cost audio teachings that range from just 10 mins to 1/2 and hour and get more confident in your walk with Christ!